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Mar 9, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> we are learning more about how the united states caught the son-in-law of bin laden. the 47-year-old plead not guilty in a manhattan court yesterday to the charge of conspiracy to kill americans. he said little beyond a few one word replies. investigators say the united states had been tracking him even before 9/11 1. officials say they believe that he had been hiding in iran and turkey. he was being deported when authorities intercepted him in jordon last week and then brought him to the united states. >>> a man has pleaded not guilty to charges of trying to blow up an oakland bank with a car bomb. the 28-year-old is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. the bomb was a fake provided by undercover agents. his lawyer said his client has mental illness but is still competent to stand trial. he is due back in court next movement. >> the driver accused of killing a student pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and dui charges. the 28-year-old appeared in court yesterday. he is a accused of hitting and killing a teen as she crossed the road. prosecutors say she di
Mar 7, 2013 7:00am PST
bay connection over the hill. >> reporter: the chief said there will be law enforcement from all over the state and across the country in attendance. there will be a helicopter fly over and a performance by an american idol singer after a request of the fallen officer's family. the former defense secretary, california attorney general and l coming today to pay their respects. again we don't really have a number of people who are going to show up but it's estimated maybe between 12 to 15,000 people will be here. coming back out here live, you are looking at a picture. we see a police car there, not sure if that's from the santa cruz police department or san jose police department but here for the preparations, for the memorial service in a few hours here. again many people expected to show up and that's bound to tie up traffic on all the highways. for that part of the story we go to sal. >> reporter: thank you. here is a map of the procession route from santa cruz to san jose. the 200 car motorcade will leave at about 8:45 though it could be a little later. that's around the time it'll
Mar 8, 2013 7:00am PST
this morning bin laden's son-in-law has plead not guilty to terrorism charges in a new york city federal court. aa prosecutor said that he has given an extensive statement to united states officials after his arrest. the court appearance happens after he was captured in jordon this week and secretly moved to new york. some republicans oppose holding the hearing in new york and say he this should be at gitmo. they say he was a spokesman for al-qaeda. >>> the south african detective who was remove from the oscar pistorius investigation said he has resigned from the police force due to personal reasons. the officer stepped down from the force yesterday. he was the first on the scene for the shooting that killed pistorius's girlfriend. he is a accused of mixing up important facts in the investigation. it also came out that he faces attempted murder charges himself for a case dating back in 2011 when he allegedly opened fire on a full taxi bus while drunk. >> a richmond police sergeant is on paid leave after being accused of taking bribes. the times reports the sergeant michael wang is a accused
Mar 6, 2013 7:00am PST
over the hill into san jose and that's where local law enforcement agencies will join the motorcade. our live coverage will begin at 11:00 a.m. at the request of the families. former "american idol" finalist james durbin will be performing one song at the service to honor the officers. we just saw that on the santa cruz police blog website. we do have a call in to the police spokesperson to ask about any more final details. if we hear from them, we'll bring it to you in another update coming up next hour. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. >>> ktvu's coverage of the memorial begins during our morning news at 4:30. it will continue at 11:00 a.m. as the funeral precision makes its way from santa cruz to san jose. the service is scheduled to begin at noon. >>> in the meantime we're learning new details about the man who shot and killed the two santa cruz police officers lost week. investigators say 35-year-old jeremy goulet was moving out of his house when the detectives arrived at his door. goulet had just lost his job at a coffee shop and was getting rid of his bel
Mar 3, 2013 7:00am PST
's decision to end telecom muting. the move came after marissa meyer checked the virtual private network laws. they use that program to log in when they work from home. apparently it showed employees weren't logging in enough and that led to her announcement last week that it will end in june. they need a more collaborative company culture. >>> they took resident insist the peninsula for a little ride along. they took to facebook and twitter for a virtual ride along. they posted pictures and documented stories on the night while patrolling in san carlos. >> it is a push to react with the community and show them we are on the same team. >> the more they know about the neighborhood and the people in the neighborhood, it is for the better. >> these are some from the event. it lasted until midnight. more than two dozen firefighters will report for duty for the first time this morning, the new firefighters were hired after more than a year of station brownouts and layoffs and $8 million federal grant is paying for their salaries and benefits. they took a 10% salary cut to help the department make
Mar 4, 2013 7:00am PST
as this week. law requires a 30 day notice. more effects of the sequester when i see you next. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening right now. president obama is nominating sylvia matthews birdwell as his new budget director. we're looking at the live pictures now. you see the podium and crowd gathered waiting for the announcement. burrwell served during the clinton administration and right now she runs the wal-mart foundation. this is burr wellhead. her supports say she was responsibility for a series of budget plans that throat surplus. also saithe o she -- she say she bring diversity to the cabinet. >>> it is 7:18. the chair of san francisco's republican party has been elected the first female vice chair of the states gop. party members cast their ballots over the weekend. at the state gop's spring convention in sacramento. it'll be to the muslim region. it accused her of sympathize. not a muslim. party leads have denounced remark. a big name california republican may be getting ready to run for governor. tells the chronical he is seriously considering running against now he
Mar 5, 2013 7:00am PST
pretty much the budget cuts the one area not going to be cut is law maker's salary; right? >> this is interesting. they can't be cut. and you can blame that on the constitution of the united states. you can blame it on speaker john boehner. when he was a freshman and came to congress, one of the things he took up was to breath a life into an old amendment unveiled by james madison. supposed to be part of the bill of rights and you cannot change the pay until the next intervening election. that was put on in the 27th amendment recently. you cannot add or subtract from a member's salary except after the next election. these cuts should impact house members and senators. sorry, it's against the constitution. >> i know this was originally created to be really something the republicans would not want to do. and they are saying 50% of these cuts are coming from the military budget. is that ue? >> that is true, yeah. $42.5 billion from the military. $42.5 from the domestic side. in the end, there's a lot of republicans who simply want to cut the budget and they see this as their
Mar 2, 2013 7:00am PST
sentinel is reporting that he never appeared on two law enforcement computer databases that track criminals. >>> meanwhile the santa cruz community is rallying to comfort the police department as it returned to duty yesterday. signs supporting police are up throughout the city and businesses are holding fundraisers for the families of the two fallen officers. $125,000 has been placed so far into a fund. >> the entire community is grieving. and i feel it is like maybe we've hit the bottom and we're going to come back up from this. because this town has been hit hard. >> ktvu has obtained new photos of the officers. one shows 51-year-old detective sergeant lauren butchbake wer his family and the other photo shows 38-year-old detective elizabeth butler in hostage negotiation training. >>> the memorial for the two officers will be held at san jose's hp pavilion next thursday march 7 at noon. the service was moved to handle what is expected to be a large crowd. >>> today more than a dozen people who can't afford health insurance are getting some much- needed care for free. doctors and nurses at
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8